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Santander Bank

Santander Bank

Last Updated on May 15, 2022 by Emmanuel

Santander UK is a is financial provider owned by a Spanish company called Santander Group.

Last Updated on May 15, 2022 by Emmanuel

Services provided in the UK:

Santander UK plc provides banking as well as financial products and services to its customers in the UK.

The company carries out its operations through retail, commercial, and corporate banking divisions.

The bank has deposit products like current accounts, savings accounts, loans, overdrafts, and debit cards among other products.

Customers can use bank services through telephone banking, mobile and internet banking channels.

Number of employees in the UK: around 20,000

Number of customers in the UK: about 14 million

Cities with the bank’s branches:

Leicester, Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Edinburg, Irving, Livingston, Northwich, Isle of Man, Milton Keynes, Ipswich, Brighton, Lockerbie, Lisburn, Coventry, Oxford, Aberdeen, Bristol, Liskeard, Manchester, Farnborough, Bath, Belfast, Leeds, Walsall, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Exeter, Croydon, Dundee.

Headquarter’s address: 75 state street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02109, US.

Is Santander pulling out of the UK?

No. Santander bank is not pulling out the UK. Currently, they have over 452 branches in the United Kingdom. Although they closed 111 branches in the United Kingdom in August 2021. The reason was to keep up with the trends of online and mobile banking.

Are Santander UK and Spain linked?

Yes. The major owner of the Santander bank is the Spanish Santander group which makes the bank linked with Spain.

Where is Santander UK head office?

Their head office is located in London, United Kingdom.

How much is Santander bank worth?

According to Wikipedia, the Santander bank is worth $3.345 billion as of 2013 when the research was calculated.

Why is Santander bank no longer doing Mortgages

Santander bank made the decision to stop mortgage banking because they want to channel majority of their energy and resources to digital banking and in solving customers demands perfectly.

How many branches does Santander have in the UK?

Currently, they have 452 branches in the United Kingdom and over 11,000 post office branches.

Can you bank Santander at post office?

Yes. All Santander customers who have begun enjoying their services can use their post office branches anywhere for their banking needs. New customers will have to go to the bank to get started.

What is the maximum cash withdrawal from Santander bank?

It is £300 for debit card and £5,000 from the bank.

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