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Gatehouse Bank

Gatehouse Bank

Last Updated on May 15, 2022 by Emmanuel

This is the UK regulated Bank authorised and regulated by Prudential Regulation Authority. It is also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Last Updated on May 15, 2022 by Emmanuel

Founded in 2008 and based in London, it is expanding itself while following Sharia advisory board and following the Islamic Economic Principles.

Gatehouse Bank had expertise in investment Banking and Financing. It also provides services related to Real Estate Finance real Estate Investment, Treasury, Wealth Management.

It only has its head office operating in London. It is dealing with local as well as international clients. Locally it is delivering wealth management products to different companies, businesses and solutions to brands, investors and individuals.


The Helicon, 1 South Pl, London EC2M 2RB, United Kingdom.

Can I trust Gatehouse bank?

Yes. You can trust Gatehouse bank in the UK because it is regulated by UK’s financial services regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This allows every money you save with them that is less than £85,000 to be protect by the FSCS.

Is Gatehouse a Sharia bank?

Yes. Gatehouse bank in the UK is compliant with the Sharia laws on savings and lending and is therefore a sharia bank.

Who is Gatehouse bank owned by?

The largest stakeholders and owner of Gatehouse bank is Fahed Boodai. He is the current chairman of Gatehouse financial group bank plc and capital.

Is Gatehouse an Islamic bank?

Yes. Gatehouse bank operates on savings and lending that are compliant with Sharia laws that state one shouldn’t charge an interest when paying back a loan. It was once given the award as one of the best Islamic banks in the United Kingdom. The award was presented by the International group PFN after voting by subscribers.

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